CJTalbot Services provides freelance grant writing, technical editing, and business support services to start-up, commercial, non-profit, and quasi-governmental clients to assist with preparation of the following products:

  • Project Proposals
  • Grant Applications
  • Technical Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Schedule and Budget Presentation

We support a wide variety of clients, specializing in assisting entrepreneurs and innovators in the environmental and energy sector secure funding for R&D, market assessment, and commercialization through the Maine Technology Institute as well as federal agencies such as the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, and Environmental Protection Agency. 

We offer project support services tailored to meet your needs, whether for a few hours to finalize a deliverable or for a recurring role on a long-term project.  Organizing, editing, and formatting technical reports and proposals are our specialties; however, we have also helped clients analyze and present technical data, develop project schedules and budgets, and design in-house style guides.  By getting involved early in a project and by working in parallel with your technical staff, we can shorten your overall report production schedule and reduce costs.

Photo by Oleg Kalina/iStock / Getty Images