Revolution Research advances to Greenlight Maine finals!

So proud of Revolution Research for advancing to finals on last evening's episode of Greenlight Maine.  Judges unanimously selected their innovative bio-based rigid foam insulation as worthy of well-deserved support.  Revolution Research has already received a grant from the National Science Foundation and I helped them apply for supplemental MTI grants to fund their R&D. 

Nerdy Grammar Post #1

Periodically I'm going to share writing tips and common errors.  No one is perfect and it isn't a bad thing to be reminded of our elementary school English once in a while.

Just in time for the holidays, how to pluralize your last name!  No, no, no, you don't need an apostrophe unless you're making it possessive.   So no "Dear Talbot's" or "Merry Christmas from the White's."  Even though Word defaults to the apostrophe, just say no.

If the name ends in s, x, z, ch, or sh - add "es."

Names ending in ALL other letters - add "s."

Case closed!

Funny article on this subject:


UMaine Entrepreneur develops eco-friendly insulation

Revolution Research, Inc. (RRI) developing a biodegradable rigid foam insulation that will replace the petroleum-based foam boards that pose health risks, are not sustainable, and whose production results in release of numerous air toxins.  RRI has already received a substantial R&D grant from the National Science Foundation.  CJTalbot Services helped RRI prepare an MTI Seed Grant application and a Business Accelerator Grant application.  We will be supporting preparation of a NSF Phase II grant application in 2016.